Swamp Woman: Mud Printing


Swamp Woman invite you to make your muddy mark on a big collective banner that will be raised to mark the start of the evening’s Ceremonial Water Gathering event.

Ceremonial Water Gathering


Marine Lake (North end)

As the sun goes down, and a new moon rises, together we will create a ritual to bring in the evening’s high tide, and mark the translation of summer into autumn with various watery activities.

Everyone is welcome to join for a swim, or to observe. Bring a hot drink for afterwards!

Swamp Woman

Swamp Woman: invite you to be Swamp Woman with them regardless of gender, and to paint your bodies in mud before submerging into the marine lake together.

Swamp Woman invite you to bear witness as they emerge to adorn themselves with their unearthly muddy creations to parade along the causeway. 


A mass release of hand-made ceramic bowls into the water floated as offerings, to observe and reflect upon both seasonal and bodily shifts. 

Super Synchro

A raft of swimmers dance their way across the waters as the sun goes down.

“Swimming is a rite of passage, a crossing of boundaries…When you enter the water, something like metamorphosis happens.” Roger Deakin