Promenade Weekender Launch Event

Friday 7—10pm

Weekender Hub: Madeira Cove (above Marine Lake) 

Join us to celebrate the launch of the inaugural Promenade Weekender with art, music, performance, poetry and bar. 

  • Explore the site-specific artworks located along the promenade with our programme map. 
  • Local poets will read words from Weston’s waves.
  • Singer Phil Owen brings traditional local Somerset folk songs collected by Cecil Sharp.
  • Bristol’s Island Folk Choir will sing folk songs from the British Isles and the sea.
  • Milkweed will perform experimental folk music including from their Myths and Legends of Wales album. 

Phil Owen is a musician, producer, and workshop leader who grew up in and around Weston super Mare. For over twenty years, he has been studying traditional folk singing, with a particular interest in the songs collected in Somerset by Cecil Sharp – a renowned collector of folk songs, folk dances and instrumental music over a century ago. Phil has presented his work with this material through performance, writing, and recorded audio.

The Island Folk Choir are a community of singers who are drawn together by a love of folk songs and harmony singing. Led by Sorrell Wilde, together, the group sings songs from the British Isles and beyond at regular choir sessions and at events across the region.

Milkweed are a slacker-trad folk music project currently focussing on reworking a variety of esoteric texts. Their latest album The Mound People draws upon an archaeological text that details the contents of Danish Bronze Age burial mounds. Their previous album Myths and Legends of Wales drew inspiration from text and images sourced from the book of the same name by Tony Roberts, first published in 1984. They are presently in the process of responding to a new text which they will be performing at the Promenade launch event.

Ceremonial Water Gathering

Swamp Woman: Mud Printing


Swamp Woman invite you to make your muddy mark on a big collective banner that will be raised to mark the start of the evening’s Ceremonial Water Gathering event.

Ceremonial Water Gathering


Marine Lake (North end)

As the sun goes down, and a new moon rises, together we will create a ritual to bring in the evening’s high tide, and mark the translation of summer into autumn with various watery activities.

Everyone is welcome to join for a swim, or to observe. Bring a hot drink for afterwards!

Swamp Woman

Swamp Woman: invite you to be Swamp Woman with them regardless of gender, and to paint your bodies in mud before submerging into the marine lake together.

Swamp Woman invite you to bear witness as they emerge to adorn themselves with their unearthly muddy creations to parade along the causeway. 


A mass release of hand-made ceramic bowls into the water floated as offerings, to observe and reflect upon both seasonal and bodily shifts. 

Super Synchro

A raft of swimmers dance their way across the waters as the sun goes down.

“Swimming is a rite of passage, a crossing of boundaries…When you enter the water, something like metamorphosis happens.” Roger Deakin

Call to the Sea film screening

Sunday 7.30—10pm

Weekender Hub: Madeira Cove (above Marine Lake) 

A programme of films of and from the sea, featuring artists’ films by: Sarah Cameron Sunde, Matt Davies, Bryony Gillard, Joanna Mayes, Kayla Parker & Stuart Moore, Vicky Smith, Jennet Thomas as well as 1 minute films inspired by Westons coastline selected from a local call out.

Jennet Thomas: The Great Curdling
Bryony Gillard: Unctuous Between Fingers
Vicky Smith: Deliquesce